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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Greatest Weight Loss/Energy Pill of the Decade?

I’ve been hanging and banging since I was thirteen years old. I tried Joe Weider’s Crash Weight Gain #7 as a 98-pound weakling and never looked back. After over four decades, I’ve tried just about everything on the market to boost my energy without having to resort to drugs. This product is the only one that continues to work. Every one without exception (including Xenadrine) gets old after a while. Your body builds up a resistance and you have to chug down five at a time just to get a rush. Well, not this stuff. Not by a long shot.

I posted my first review of Beldt last year in a swap with one of their marketing execs. He reviewed one of my novels and I tried his stuff. I proudly posted on Amazon that I overloaded on the pills and boosted my bench totals by one hundred pounds! Well, as I explained, I had taken a year off from lifting after having hit the 350-pound mark, so there was a lot of dormant muscle involved. Plus I started out with one hundred and worked back to two hundred, so it wasn’t all that miraculous. Still, I’m pretty sure your average pencil-neck geek would have been more than glad to have recorded such gains. Beldt is undoubtedly the place to start.

At the beginning of 2015 I decided to get back on track. I was using Beldt to keep my energy levels up after taking an a$$wipe job last summer and it was like a miracle tonic. I went from one every other day to two, and my bench totals began increasing. I ended up with 300 on the squat rack before a sprain put me on the sidelines. Still, it was all Beldt (along with perseverance and elbow grease). I’ve been on it for a year now and haven’t reached a tolerance level that has reduced its effectiveness. Beldt keeps me going…and going…and going.

I don’t hawk many products for the simple reason there’s nothing out there (well, maybe except for whey protein) that I’d put my rep behind. This stuff, though, is the real deal. If you want to pick up something that’ll make you feel brand new (and doesn’t have you run around humping bedposts, if you know what I mean)…Beldt is THE ONE!!!