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Friday, May 22, 2015

"Nightcrawler" Signing With Fountain Blue Publishing?

Sabrina Brooks may be about to make another deal. Not with the Mayor of New York City, or the White House administration. It looks like Fountain Blue Publishing, who may be interested in releasing The Plague along with <<<SPOILER ALERT>>> (no, not The Missouri Rock and Roll Champions)...a possible sequel to the Nightcrawler trilogy---Redemption.

JRD is expecting the deal to open up a new chapter in the Nightcrawler experience. Readers have been watching and waiting for their favorite super-heroine to become the next indie lit breakout star in 2015. Considering the fact that the so-called "Nightcrawler" movie (yeah, you probably haven't) was another flash-in-the-pan, the Nightcrawler comic book character hasn't done much better, and when you Google the name --- ta-da, there she is --- maybe Fountain Blue will make this happen.

No offers have been made or signed papers sent, but talks are in progress. The Nightcrawler Universe watches and this Sabrina's year at last?

Stay tuned, Crawlers. The best is yet to come.