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Monday, March 3, 2014

"The Brand" Coming Soon on Rogue Phoenix Press!

Say WHAT???

Yep, after all that work.

Actually this is a milestone for the Spoiler Publishing Company. This is the first one we've put out that was picked up after the fact by a publishing company. This led me to contact Amazon and retire The Brand on our label to honor our new commitment. Fortunately the link is still good, so buyers will still be able to check out the reviews. And, if not...

Format: Kindle Edition
John Reinhard Dizon produces an admirable and well thought out historical fiction novel with The Brand. The story focuses on the early days of the American Revolution and the turbulent times faced in the birth of a nation. Dizon piques the history aficionado’s interest by making reference to several pivotal points in early American history and special guest appearances by some of the country’s forefathers. The author spins it again by introducing an intricate heist into the book that stretches across continents and forms unlikely partnerships and budding romances.
Sometimes heroes are born, others are made. Irish native Sean Coleraine never asked for his fate but played the cards life dealt him back, in spades. Picking up an array of allies consisting of a legendary thief, a warrior princess, and a rebel pirate, Coleraine travels an ocean seeking revenge and finds a country torn struggling to find its own independence while still under British rule. He and his colleagues must uncover and stop the secret plans of a super fortress that would crush any hope of rebellion and forever change the course of history. Playing a cat and mouse game of trust and power, Coleraine and his crew walk a fine line between danger and death, relying on their wits to lead them back home.
The whole book had an Ocean’s Eleven feel with a Colonial American twist that I found entertaining and engaging. Any fan that enjoys a high stakes romp through the early history of America will enjoy John Reinhard Dizon’s The Brand .

By J.D.Tucker on February 24, 2014
Format: Paperback
Dizon's newest novel, The Brand, is a tightly written exposition of two men during a turbulent time in American history. Sean Colerain is an Irishman 'branded' for past indiscretions who migrates to America for his safety and the hope of wealth. Captain James O'Connell is an honortable Captain in the US Army entrusted to deliver a gold shipment to Boston, something Colerain and his allies seek to intercept and steal. Along the way, O'Connell's rebellious daughter Beth falls in love with Colerain and...the game is on.

The Brand is a book that mixes fiction and history and is on a par with any of John Jake's American History/Fiction novels. The time period is captured with ease, the customs and characters jump off the page and into your heart, and Dizon's writing style makes him a writer to keep an eye on. Check out his other books while you're at it. Five stars and worth every minute, and every cent.

By P.S. Winn on February 10, 2014
Format: Paperback
I feel like I just stepped back in to this century from 1777. Sean Colerain was branded for his beliefs. It seems that wartime strategies don't change much through the ages as we follow Sean on his adventures in America during its early years struggling to become a nation and fighting wars to do it. This novel is also a love story as Sean meets the love of his life while at the same time trying to escape danger. An unlikely hero is found in Sean during his escapades. This novel is well written and really does take the reader back in time and history. Thanks to the author for yet another wonderful adventure. This is a great read told by a great storyteller.

Format: Kindle Edition
Review by Natasja Hellenthal, author of The Queen's Curse.

'The Brand' by John Reinhard Dizon is a well written historical tale that will captivate the reader from page to page. The combination history/fiction works well here and will interest many readers, not only people who are interested in early American colonial history with surprisingly interesting facts on politics, torture, Indian involvement, the Irish and Spanish to name a few.
It reminded me slightly of The Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon for its combination of history (though Scottish) set in the same time-frame and action/mild violence and adventure.

If you're looking for a fresh good action/adventure with well fleshed out characters read The Brand!

I especially loved the strong female protagonists in this story who aren't anything less than the male leading roles. Although they are treated as love interests by the men they can very much hold their own. Iroquois princess Nightshade and the mysterious female pirate leader were my favourites. Can I sense a follow up with their adventures? If not, can I have one please?


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