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Friday, October 10, 2014

"Standard II - The Citadel" Coming Soon on World Castle Publishing!

As my closest friends know, thirteen is my lucky number. I'm hoping that my thirteenth publishing deal (through World Castle Publishing) is the breakthrough score. Hopefully these guys will realize they have a potential movie deal on their hands.

Well, why not? Who wouldn't think that the story of Berlin Mansfield and Princess Jennifer in Tiara is ready for prime time? Or how about watching Sabrina Brooks plunging from the skies in Nightcrawler on the big screen? Imagine watching Tomny Jackson and Orrin Rampersad racing against time against a robotic Combo and the vengeance-crazed Jerome Browne in Transplant. Hell, I've got twenty-plus worth of them out there. The list does go on.

The Standard didn't go far with Tenth Street Press. Those guys are too busy peddling their softcore porn novels. But, damn, wasn't it a great read? William Shanahan is a narcissistic GQ-type looking to nail that last big case en route to a desk job in London with MI6. Only he gets teamed up with a UDA racketeer and serial killer named Jack Gawain, who happens to be one of the most charismatic of all my anti-heroes. They are pitted against Amschel Bauer, a Goldfinger wannabe who encourages an international drug cartel to buy up surplus gold across the globe before launching a series of terror attacks against financial hubs in NYC, London and Zurich. The anticipated return to the gold standard by the nations of the world precipitates Operation Blackout, and Shanahan and Gawain have their work cut out for them. The main event awaits in Miami, where cartel enforcer Enrique Chupacabra has his world turned upside down by the unpredictable Gawain. Sounds good? Well, go buy a damn copy.

Standard II - The Citadel picks up where the original left off. Gawain is doing contract jobs for the PSNI and the Garda Siochana before being re-upped by MI6. He is teamed with Shanahan and newcomer Lucretia Carcosa to derail a Russian plot to smuggle weapons into NYC. The Russians are seething over economic sanctions imposed by NATO in response to their hostile takeover plot against the Ukraine. Only their deal with a European criminal network is being compromised by the mysterious Citadel, who plan to take control of the Russian operation. Shanahan, Gawain and Carcosa are faced with the task of capturing the Black Queen of the Citadel before she gains exclusive rights to a nuclear bomb headed for the USA.

Think it'd make a great movie? Take it up with World Castle Publishing. I'm just the poor bastard slaving over the keyboard.