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Monday, July 27, 2015

Miika Hannila's Creativia Acquires Nightcrawler Series!!!

Spoiler Publishing Co. announced this week that Miika Hannila's Finnish-based company, Creativia, has acquired the rights to the Nightcrawler trilogy and is discussing the possibility of a fourth installment to the Sabrina Brooks suspense/thriller anthology.

Hannila has proven himself to be the most industrious of the small group of JRD brand publishers. Creativia sent the horror classic Vampir to the top of the Amazon vampire sales list last spring. They followed their success by catapulting Generations, the Sanders family saga, to Number 55 in Amazon's enormous historical fiction category.

"We couldn't be more excited about Miika taking over the helm in steering the JRD starship to its deserved position in the indie lit industry," a Spoiler Inc. spokesman commented. "He's shown tremendous faith in the JRD brand and we know that the Nightcrawler series couldn't have a better advocate going into 2016."

Creativia has earned a tremendous reputation in the horror publishing genre and is expanding its horizons with its new projects. Hannila has demonstrated prodigious energy and vision in doing so, and Spoiler Inc. is confident that bigger and better accomplishments lie on the road ahead.

"JRD's needed someone who believes in his work, with the determination to bring it to the next level," the Spoiler rep asserted. "It's a marriage made in heaven." 

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