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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year - The Bat Begins?

Well, let me wish a happy and blessed New Year to all you Turk Watchers who have put me past the 1,000-hit mark in a matter of weeks at the end of 2013. I just hope everyone's spreading word about Missouri's most notorious starving artist.

For those who haven't seen my Facebook page (, I put up The Bat (An Existential Fable) at fifteen minutes to midnight, making it my seventh novel of 2013 (what about those lucky/unlucky numbers). The Bat? The Bat Begins?? Has JRD sunk this low this quick???

Not quite. This one began brewing thirty years ago, back when Batman was still about the cheesy Adam West TV reruns. I was thinking about the Vincent Price movie, a man in black wearing a fedora, mask, trenchcoat and gloves. So sue me. Only my guy's a former Green Beret sick of the drugs and violence. He interrupts a rape in Central Park on his first patrol, and the legend begins. No Bat-gear, just a couple of miniature baseball bats and Kevlar protection. He ends up opening Pandora's Box as deadly imitators arise, and backs off though suspecting someone's behind the wave of vigilantism. Cut to the chase.

What readers will enjoy is the layered detail of this one, just before The Standard, after which I started writing smaller novels and feeding them to the publishing house sharks. Great storyline, lots of great subplots, complex characters, psychological angles, and more than a few mysteries: who is the Bat? Who is the Frogman? Who is the Mole Man?

Go on and spring $2.99, guys. You won't be disappointed. Do you do reviews? I'll shoot you a free copy.

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