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Thursday, January 9, 2014

"Nightcrawler" On Sale At Black Rose!!!

Well, Nightcrawler just hit the market today, get your copy today...

And, guess what's in store for Spring/Summer 2014???

Nightcrawler II – Tryzub is the second installment of the series featuring Sabrina Brooks, the heiress of the Brooks Chemical Company. A miracle cure for AIDS has been developed by Russian researchers, and the Trident Corporation has been authorized by the Russian Federation to conduct beta testing in America. The BCC has been awarded a government contract, and Sabrina becomes involved in an international web of intrigue as terrorists use the project as a subterfuge for an attack on American soil.

Her relationship with Hoyt Wexford has developed so that her 

Nightcrawling has given place to her fiancee’s promising NYPD 

career. Yet she grows intrigued as Russian forensics expert Alex 

Tretiak has been assigned to Hoyt’s Organized Crime Unit in a joint 

operation to pre-empt a drug war between the Russian Mob and the 

mysterious Chechen-based Tryzub. Sabrina’s female instincts alert 

her as to possible ulterior motives though Alex begins 

overshadowing Hoyt as the Unit’s top cop. She is also concerned 

about the meteoric rise of Superfecta Manufacturing. Her colleague 

Benigno Terrazas has turned the company’s fortunes around and is 

now poised to produce the new serum upon completion by BCC. 

Yet Sabrina grows suspicious and becomes increasingly concerned 

for Benny’s well-being.

The situation at BCC grows even stickier as the FDA assigns 

Russian researcher Tatiana Zhukov to work with her staff in 

completing the HALT-116 serum. Sabrina finds herself amidst a 

conflict as the gay activists on her staff are pushing desperately to 

have the project completed. Yet Tatiana appears overly cautious as 

she is under enormous pressure by the Russian Government to earn 

credit for delivering a flawless product to the world market. Her 

executive manager, Jon Aeppli, suspects that the BCC’s computer 

network may have been hacked but has no solid proof. The volatile 

situation exacerbates the stress caused by Hoyt’s situation as well 

as her concerns for her friend Benny.

Sabrina begins to suspect there is a link between the difficulties faced by Hoyt and Benny. Hoyt learns of a spike in the hostilities between the Russian Mob and the Chechen Mob being caused by the introduction of the White Dragon, a super-narcotic appearing on the streets of NYC. Top-ranking members of the Russian Mob are being murdered, and Hoyt begins to suspect that these are taking on the nature of politically-oriented assassinations. Classified information appears to have leaked from the OCU which causes Hoyt to suspect that Tretiak may be a double agent. Yet his appeals to his superiors fall upon deaf ears in light of the accolades being showered upon the NYPD for their efficiency in cracking down on the Russian Mob. Sabrina offers to help but Hoyt insists her Nightcrawling days are at an end.

Acting against Hoyt’s wishes, the Nightcrawler is back on the streets searching for clues. Sabrina soon finds a straight and narrow trail of fentanyl smuggling leading to Superfecta Manufacturing. She begins to suspect that Benny’s new director of operations, Grigori Markoff, may be the reason for the Company’s sudden change in fortune. She also suspects that he may be a link to the drug wars and possibly to the Chechen Mob itself.

Straight from modern-day headlines yet speculating about possible 

developments in world affairs of tomorrow, the storylines of 

Nightcrawler II – Tryzub promise readers all the elements of an 

instant John Reinhard Dizon action-adventure classic.

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