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Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Momia (The Mummy)" Coming Soon at Black Bed Sheet Books!!!

As they say, never say never again.

Just when we thought there wouldn't be another JRD book going through the small pub wringer, Black Bed Sheet Books put out a contract on Momia (The Mummy). It's not scheduled for release until summertime, but we've still got Generations and Both Sides Now on the way, not to mention Transplant, though that deal may hit the rocks before launch date. Those people are under the impression that I'm going to buy a hundred copies of my book and stand out on a street corner. When that check is not cut, chances are that it'll go back into the Tales To Astonish trilogy and end up as a Spoiler self-pub. If not, well, that's four more JRD books in the next few months. 

Hell's bells, now if only some of these publishers'll help sell some of these damn things...

...I could afford to take the ladies up to the Plaza for $5 beers. That'd be a fun way to start Spring 2014!

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