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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Vampir" --- Coming Soon on Amazon!!!

Vampir is a thriller/suspense novel centered on the exploits of Shea Tyrone, a NYPD Homicide Detective trying to solve the mystery surrounding the suicide of Count Velimir Radojka. Shea’s girlfriend, Celeste Maher, is out on bail for complicity in the incident, and is subsequently stricken by a psychosomatic illness. Shea finds himself entangled in a web of intrigue, taking him through a maze of Serbian military investigations, European vampire superstitions and folklore, and a trail of ritual murder across two continents. The tale reaches its climax as a Catholic priest is called in to resolve his conflict with Radojka in freeing Celeste from an ancient curse in this spellbinding, suspense-filled tale.

The story unfolds as Celeste is arrested at the MCC in Manhattan after the guards learn of Radojka’s suicide. They find his ashes in the cell though incineration appears impossible due to the absence of smoke or flames. They arrest Celeste by default, and she slips into a semi-coma upon making bail. Shea casts his net over murky waters in an attempt to exonerate Celeste. He visits the Serbian Embassy to get more information about Radojka, and finds that there are outstanding warrants in Europe for his arrest for war crimes. It is here that he learns that the Count ‘s family castle on Devil’s Mountain is shrouded by superstitious terror. Only his complicity in the Serbian War inspires villagers to trespass upon the grounds, resulting in Radojka’s migration to America.  

Celeste has contacted Radojka over the Internet, and has taken on the position of his solicitor in expediting the sale of the castle to the Serbian Government. She then oversees the purchase of a mansion in upstate New York, and flies to his village on the outskirts of Peja near the Accursed Mountains to escort Radojka to the USA. It is here where she learns of the background history of her client. She finds that the nearby village is held in a grip of terror by the ancient curse of Castle Radojka, and that evidence of Satanic worship can be seen everywhere along the ancestral grounds. Celeste overcomes her fear and returns to America with Radojka, where she finds herself drawn into his affairs ever deeper.

Father Ivan Savic learns of Radojka’s arrival, and confides in Father Joseph Malloy as he plans to prevent Radojka from spreading his evil influence throughout New York. Malloy contacts Celeste, and both of them are highly skeptical but affected by what they have both seen and heard. Celeste is greatly concerned by Radojka’s psychological state, negatively affected by heliophobia and his Satanic beliefs. She explains the situation to Shea, who brings a police psychologist in to confirm Radojka’s acute case of paranoid schizophrenia.

It is a rash of serial murders in Manhattan that cause Celeste to believe that Radojka may be behind the killings. Her discussion with Father Malloy leads the priests to accompany her to Radojka’s mansion, where Savic is killed in a bizarre accident. Both Malloy and Celeste are traumatized by the incident, and it appears that Radojka will be able to continue his nocturnal activities unhampered. Only the Count is arrested during a weird turn of events in East Harlem, and his death at the MCC makes Celeste a prime suspect. Malloy realizes that Radojka sacrificed his physical life in order to take spiritual possession of hers. He convinces Shea that an exorcism will be the only way to save the comatose Celeste from death, and the harrowing rite leads to the spine-tingling conclusion of this horror classic.

For fans of the supernatural and suspense/thriller fans alike, Vampir is a novel not to be forgotten.

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