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Monday, October 21, 2013

Connecting the Dots?

Well, the release of The Fury didn't come without the usual hassles. The first reviewer I sent this to shredded it in short order. He caught a handful of errata before reading through halfway, and I was on the verge of screaming "Fire!" at my publisher before I thought it over...and I realized there's solutions to everything fiction.

Being somewhat directionally challenged (you should see me in airports), it seemed my tenants on the upper floors of the fictional 1313 137th Street in East Harlem kept getting misplaced. First they were on the third floor, then they were on the second floor. Then they were back on the third floor. How in heck, wondered the reviewer, did this get past the editor?

Here's Turk's solution (just too bad I didn't include it in the expository narrative)...

Ever get in a situation in an unfamiliar building with dim lighting where it was imperative you had to get out as soon as possible? You had an idea that one of the entrances was open but found it locked, and had to go throught the hassle of finding one that you could go through. Imagine running into the same situation with the stairwells. If you ever worked in security, you may well know the feeling. Now, beyond that, suppose you were having trouble with the building map. Suppose you went to the second floor and found it was the third floor, or what they told you was on the third floor was located downstairs?

I think you could develop a panic attack in short order...or a creeping sense of paranoia.

Pick up a copy of The Fury and judge for yourself.  

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