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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Fury on Amazon?

Well, The Fury just went live on Amazon today through Netherworld Books, and I am one happy camper. This'll be my second publication of Campaign 2013, and hopefully it'll do a lot better than The Standard. I'm hoping that the Halloween season might help this on its way, plus the fact this publisher may give it a more aggressive push since this is their exclusive genre. We'll wait and see.

This comes just as I finished off Raiders and sent it to a prospective publisher. This may have been the hardest book I've ever written. The publisher said they'd like to see it last week, and I've been averaging 5,000 words per day to make it happen. The challenge was NOT to write a sports tale or hockey novel. I was out to make a statement about violence in sports and the effect of entertainment on our lives. I guess we'll see if that floats any boats.

I'm also doing the final edits on Wolf Man, which I expect to be coming in around the holidays. It's a coincidence that I've got two out of seven of my books coming out in the horror genre, especially since I don't consider myself a horror novelist. I'm hoping they might piggyback each other, like, if you liked that one then you'll love this!

One thing's for sure, I'll be up to my neck in exchange reviews for the next few weeks trying to get some feedback online. I just have a feelig that someone will come along and want to see something I haven't finished yet. No business like publishing business, right?

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