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Monday, October 7, 2013

New Promotion - Old Worries?

I kept wondering why Generations, scheduled for publication in September, never got released. I was caught off-guard when Carly McCracken announced that she had sold Alpha Wolf Publishing to Solstice Publishing recently. Not taken by surprise---nothing comes as a surprise on Dead Man's Pond.

Immediately I checked my query sheet and, again, was taken aback by the fact that I had Solstice listed as a horror publisher looking for monster stories. In fact, I was planning on hitting them up with Vampir and Momia (The Mummy) as soon as the MS'es were done. I would've sent Wolf Man along but that got snatched in record time (by Turk standards).  I was pretty sure they would've been a firm next step in my horror-writing career, but Generations? Hmmm.

It will just really suck if they renege on the contract at this point. Not only was I wanting to get my family saga out, but I was hoping McCracken would have been plugging this harder than The Standard is being sold. If Solstice kicks (and there won't be a damn thing I'll be able to do about it), I'll have to market Generations all over again. Not to mention my list of publishing deals dropping back down to six.

Since I scored my 401k cash-in, I figure I'll be able to survive on Dead Man's Pond until the middle of next year. That should be more than enough time to see if the promise will be fulfilled. Still, with one's life work hanging in the balance, setbacks like these knock you flat on your ass, and each time it's a little harder to get back up. Sometimes you wonder if that's the object of the game, to see how many times you can get back up. After a lifetime of taking bumps, you certainly hope it's not the case.

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