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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Digging the Ditch?

Well, I finally finished formatting Destroyer. It took a lot of fiddling and fumbling about, especially when the margin and spacing buttons don't do what your publisher tells you they're supposed to do. I eventually backspaced and deleted all the 'white spots' that are supposedly the editor's nightmare. It took the entire day, but hopefully readers will finally be able to obtain a Kindle version of the work after all these years.

I had a very interesting dialogue with a 'successful' Publish America author, who told me they not only paid his royalties but gave him a $50 advance. I checked him out on Amazon and was not overly impressed. I'm sure his novels were quality mysteries, wait a second...

My second novel, Cyclops, was a suspense/thriller about a KKK group being investigated over a string of ritual murders. There was nothing in the novel glorifying the Klan, but they were the protagonists nonetheless. Matter of fact, the African-American detective is so cool, he could be played by Denzel Washington. Nonetheless, I don't think that Ebony or the other clerks at PA's toll-free number were very happy with me on the author's list after that.

This is one book I'd like to ransom back from PA and turn over to Tenth Street. Since you get the first fifty pages free on Amazon Kindle, I'd love to hang that laundry on the line and see how PA can justify screwing one of their best up-and-comers without even kissing me first.

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