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Monday, September 2, 2013

The King of Sports Revisited?

Today I finalized the contract agreement to have Both Sides Now published. I made the deal with E-Treasures Publishing to have this work printed, something that's been on the back burner for over two decades. It was originally a paean to one of my childhood heroes, Hans "The Great" Mortier, but it eventually mushroomed from there. I expanded it into the social revolution of the Sixties as seen by the residents of Greenwich Village, then added the international controversy over the Berlin Wall during the Cold War for good measure. It's a lot more than a wrestling novel, and we'll be promoting it as a romantic comedy. Regardless of how it's packaged, this one has plenty of topics for discussion.

I was concerned about the stipulation that there had to be a certain number of E-books purchased before this goes to paperback. However, in my correspondence with the Company rep, it looks like this may be waived. I certainly hope so. Generation X'ers like myself, not to mention those who lived through the Sixties, aren't hardly going to be downloading anything onto Kindles that they are never going to buy. I'm running into that problem with The Standard, as one copy has yet to be printed. Internet geeks insist that E-publishing is the wave of the future, but you'll have lots of problems convincing brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries, institutions of learning, and more entities than I can name (not to mention old people in parks) that this is the case.

I believe this book will be a big favorite among wrestling fans and Sixties nostalgia buffs. Unfortunately, most of those types don't do Kindle. If this goes the way of The Standard, I'm greatly concerned that this will wind up dead in the water. I guess we'll see.

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