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Friday, September 13, 2013

Rise of the Nightcrawler?

I signed a contract with Black Rose Publishing to have Nightcrawler published.

Here's my initial response when informed the manuscript was being considered for publishing:

Frankly, this is one of my favorite manuscripts and it has a lot to do with the major protagonist, Sabrina Brooks. Although she seems to have everything going for her as a beautiful and intelligent woman, a CEO of a competitive chemical company and a skilled martial artist, inside she often feels like a little girl lost. She looks out at the world with wide-eyed wonder, waking up from her dream world as a spoiled rich party girl and faced with the reality of her environment. It is her fervent wish to make everything right and find the happy ending, which is both her greatest strength and weakness.

I think the marketing angle will be the women's issues that the novel addresses. Despite all her assets, she is still seen as a girl incapable of filling her father's spot as corporate CEO, gets barred from sparring at the YMCA, and is even discredited by the terrorists as a girl who could not possibly be the Nightcrawler. Yet we see her championing the abused single mothers at the Church shelter, sacrificing time and effort to right the wrong wherever possible. She may well be a topic of discussion in women's literary circles in time to come.
And, of course, there's still The Fury, the final proofs for the cover on the way to the presses. I can't wait to see how horror fans will react to that one.
They say seven is God's perfect number, and Nightcrawler was Contract #7. Hopefully these deals will combine to make the dream come true at last.

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