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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

On The Dole?

Well, the Lord provided for his soldiers stationed on Dead Man's Pond yesterday. The Benefit finally came in, and the mortgage and the bills got paid in one shot. Plus I ended up with spending money. I have to report to the Dole to document my job search next week. I'm going to write down the queries I made, and give up some contract info to make it look like I'm making headway. If they say it's not a legitimate job search, then I'll have to send out some resumes to local schools. I would be the best English teacher in the entirety of the Independence School District, but it's never going to happen. They wouldn't take someone my age, no matter how great my genius or how many gym teachers' asses I could kick. It's a numbers game, especially during the Great Recession and under the socialist regime.

I turned in a second proof of The Fury last night. The publisher addressed the e-mail to Richard, and it was probably why they did not chew my ass for reporting over a dozen more typos and rewordings. Well, at least they're not making me format the damn thing like Tenth Street. I don't think we'll see Destroyer until 2014 at this rate. After re-reading The Fury again, I'm pretty sure if buyers can plod through the expository chapters, they'll find themselves amidst a horror classic. I'm starting to notice a trend in my books, but I just hate novels that don't substantiate the storyline. I used to get C's at University for writing essays that did not prove my thesis statement. Hard to teach an old scholar new tricks, then re-train them again.

I called one of the interviewers from David Vause's Internet talk show, and we had a lively chat about The Standard. They've got me scheduled for next week, I hope they have a decent audience. I haven't ran my mouth on the phone for over a month since leaving Shithole, but quickly became my garrulous old self. I'm getting so tired of people blowing their own horn that I can't stand myself for doing it. Problem is, there is no tomorrow. It's now or never on Dead Man's Pond, so, Turk, you better honk...and honk...and honk. 

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