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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! +++ Tiara 10th Anniversary - Labor of Love?

At the end of the ransom talks with Publish America over my rights reversal on Tiara, they informed me that my ten-year deal had expired, so I owed nothing. This worked perfectly as I had already begun the rewrite. I intend to self-publish the Tiara - 10th Anniversary Edition which will allow me to test the self-pub market as well as tweak up a work that was not edited as it deserved.

Tell the truth, it's hard to mess with perfection. I wasn't able to rewrite this per se : in it's pure form, it appears as a work of Shakespearean quality (just as I intended). It was perfectly concise, its 109 pages doing as much as I normally devote 140 to. What I did instead was follow the storylines along a different path. I wouldn't call this one of my postmodernist works but it is distinct from the original. You'll have to pick up a copy of both and see for yourself.

At any rate, I'm hard at work finishing this up, so look for Tiara - 10th Anniversary Edition at Amazon sometime in December. Which means I'll be working at it on Thanksgiving---oh, by the way---


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