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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Making Me Scream?

Well, things are finally picking up again, and I can never remember to expect the unexpected. Assent Publishing is wanting to make a deal on Transplant. Not to mention that Transplant is the third story in the Tales To Astonish trilogy, which is being looked at by Curiosity Quills. It may make it the third of eight published works (Publish America notwithstanding) that is coming out in the horror genre. Didn't I say something about not wanting to be pigeonholed as a horror writer? Ain't that a shame, Turk. 

Speaking of Publish America, I just bought the rights to Tiara back from them. I'm planning to test the waters and self-publish through Create Space, but guess what? It's hard to mess with what was a perfectly concise work of literature. Although it's coming along fine, when I go back and try to tweak the 2003 version, I just can't see anything that needs rewriting. Readers are going to get a great new re-release, but---don't throw away the original. It's a keeper. 

My editor at Torquere/Prizm is just about ready to let Stxeamtown go to the printer. I sent her a note of admiration---she kicked the manuscript back at me twice, yet in retrospect I wish Netherworld Press had been as meticulous with The Fury. That was a truly humbling experience though, happily enough, I've been getting nothing but rave reviews back. Though Netherworld is giving me the same low profile as Tenth Street has, I'm going to keep pushing on my end and hope (beyond hope) that somehow it gets into the right hands.

These publishers sure seem to like my spooky stuff. C'mon, Hollywood, give a guy a break!

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