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Saturday, November 9, 2013

KKK Day in KC MO - Frank Ancona's Day Off?

Frank Ancona’s KKK rally on the steps of the Jackson County Courthouse promised to be the event of the second weekend of November 2013 in KC MO, especially with the Kansas City Chiefs having their NFL bye week. There had to be over 1,000 people in attendance, none of whom came out in support of the organizers. As one spinster said when I remarked only five neo-Nazis showed up for the home team, “Well, at least the kids came out.”     

Not to mention the fact that Ancona’s Traditionalist Ku Klux Klan pulled a no-show, leaving the National Socialist Movement to entertain a motley crowd consisting of blacks, thrash rockers and over-the-hill hippies. The no-shows were conspicuous by their absence: there was one man flying a Star of David (despite this performance being scheduled on the anniversary ofKristallnacht), no faeries (or at least self-advertised), a handful of Mexicans and no religious objectors (read Catholics). Most seemed to be there to show their sensitivity for civil rights, though the profanities that rained down seemed to show little concern for the rights of women or children in attendance. 

 I remember a thrash show way back when called ‘A Guy Playing Records', and this is what the Ancona Drive turned into. The Nazis (not one skinhead among them) played a record of the late Richard Butler, which was too loud and too boring to drown out with the catcalls. I left in the middle of it all, the protestors shouting and yelling intermittently to no avail. You could still hear the dead man’s half century-old message echoing past the cordon of bored policemen. Blah blah blah Jews, blah blah blah Jews. You would think Ancona would have sent one aspiring orator out to sharpen his claws on this particularly hard audience. Fact of the matter is, that job’s been vacant since Butler died. 

The Klan in America has become an anachronism. Ancona has become a parody of the last Great White Hope, Pastor Thom Robb of the Knights of the KKK. Robb stepped up to the plate after David Duke struck out, and has since been exposed by Frontline as running a hate-for-profit mail order Klan out of Harrison, Arkansas. Ancona’s outfit is a weak reflection of Robb’s, stirring up controversy in Missouri hick towns by stuffing Klan posters in people’s mailboxes. Joining his Klan just isn’t going to happen. Either you send your $30 as a patron, or send along an application and wait for a qualifying phone call that never comes. You might be an FBI agent, or a reporter, or an IRS agent---or some black guy giving his money away. Just ask Alfalfa from the Little Rascals: if Spanky don’t like you, you don’t get in.    

 The biggest problem facing these dinosaurs is that hate gives you ulcers, ask anyone who’s got them. Preserving the white race isn’t the most terrible cause on earth if it didn’t carry all that baggage. Promoting white Christian American causes isn’t going to ring the fire alarm either. Breathing fire on people for no reason whatsoever just doesn’t cut it, and any semi-literate flipping through the Bible picks up on that. Maybe they have grievances over illegal immigration, reverse discrimination, abortion and gay marriage, but knee-jerk racism is drowning out the voices of all those who speak against it. The five patsies who got abandoned on the courtroom steps by Ancona can tell you all about it. 

I got patted down, wasted my afternoon, and didn’t come away with anything but this hot topic to write about. People who are paying Ancona’s $35 dues should seriously consider the renewal fee.

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